Coaching Offerings

Building upon Success

Coaching Options 

I am so proud of how I have formulated my coaching options. Each build upon the other so when you are ready to make the commitment to 1/1 Coaching you can be 100% confident in us working together. I know without a doubt if you connect with the content on my platforms and have the desire to grow both personally and professionally, we can work together to take your business and self-development to a new level.

Free Newsletter 

The Gambit newsletter is a bi-monthly newsletter filled with updates, upcoming events, news, offerings, and tips & tricks. This is a great introduction to my coaching style, how I relay and teach information, and the culture of The Gambit! Upon sign up for the newsletter you will be gifted our FREE Glow Up Guide which highlights 4 areas of growth and how to apply new habits to those areas to start your development journey!

The Ethos Experiment

The Ethos Experiment is based on the platform Substack! This is a free platform or you can support your favorite blogs through subscriptions. This is where most of my philosophical essays and research, as well as the main platform for the podcast are.
The podcast is also available on your favorite streaming platform, and through our YouTube.

Free PDF Mini Guide

These are free consulting guides created out of lessons I have given at events and classes. Simple formats and content that is meant to teach on a specific topic. These PDFs are available as a free gift from me to you and introduce you to my consulting/coaching style. 

Instagram Subscriptions

One of my favorite ways for those looking for coaching to connect to the Gambit is our Instagram subscriptions. This is a coaching based service for personal and professional teaching and development. We focus on 4 main areas of growth and development that I have found make a profound difference in making impactful changes in our lives. The 4 areas of focus build upon the areas that are presented in the FREE Glow Up Guide that is sent to your inbox when you sign up for the Bi-Monthly Newsletter! The Instagram subscription also includes our Queen’s Gambit Monthly book club.

Online 6 Week Courses 

I am proud to offer these 6 weeks courses that have been built upon key areas of growth that are most often addressed when working with clients. I have taken these areas and built out self-guided 6-week courses. Each week you will receive video, information, and applications to develop the content for the weekly topic. Each Sunday you will get a weekly check in with Whitney along with the new content for the week. This content is yours even beyond the 6-weeks that you can reference back to and work on at your pace.

1/1 Coaching

1/1 Coaching is for the client that is ready to make a serious commitment to their personal and professional development. Although I have different programs outlined, these programs are crafted for each client based on where they are at and what their goals are. We will strategize and form processes and procedures to form a stable base for continual growth and development even beyond our time together.

Ready to discover your next level One on One Coaching!

As an analytical and heart driven coach I am able to offer not only the structure and logic that targets actionable growth, but I am also able to connect you back to heart and alignment for a very complete picture of what your self development and professional development journey can be.

I have created the structure for 1/1 programs based on needs that most clients come to as areas of development. Should you want to consult on a completely customized plan, email through the contact page and we can schedule a time to talk in more detail. All plans have a general structure that as we begin working together weekly one on one are formatted and filled to your personalized needs, areas of growth, personal desires, etc. Each week we leave our call with strategy and direction, not only for you but ways that I can continue to assist and support you during the week. So not only are you working throughout the week on your growth, I am continually invested as well.

All programs start with you making the commitment.

The link provided offers you that commitment to yourself and why you are here:

  • A $500 deposit will get you started
  • A follow up email will allow you to schedule our first call

In our first call we line out what your specific goals and desires are and how we are going to work towards getting you there.

These are not pre-constructed programs; we work together week by week to target and meet your goals on all levels. You won’t be left trying to fit a preconstructed program into your individual growth journey! This is personal, your life and your desires are personal, the investment is personal.

I can’t wait to work with you!


Mindset Program

Self Development – Lifestyle – Relationships This program is for any of you looking to connect to your authentic and highest version of yourself. Alignment, personal creative growth and lifestyle learning; while also developing a strong drive and ability to apply yourself in your desired direction. Great for those looking to step into or elevate in competition, those looking for a more bold version of themselves and those looking for a blanced masculine/feminine drive and execution.  When completing this program you will have the awareness and the tools to change your life in a aligned and full self. 3 month program $3,999

Social / Client Management Program

Education – Organization- Support

Learning how to grow and connect to your ideal client while also learning how to stay organized and structured on the back end so nothing falls through the cracks takes an amount of dedication to client relations that most entrepreneurs have a hard time managing. We can do that for you, while teaching you how to sustain the growth and client relations we put in place on your social media trajectory.  We handle and structure- social media, emails, newsletters, processes, posting schedules, CTA’s, and more. 2 month program / With continued management options $2,999

Business Babe Program

Strategy – Process – Growth

This program is for aligning yourself to your business -startups to businesses at a plateau. Want to learn how to grow your passion into profit? Already have a business but feeling stuck or looking to grow? This program is customized to your needs; growing the mindset and business roadmaps to gain traction and confidence in your startup or business! Working one on one with me we look at all areas of your business, strategize, and impliment on business tactics to take you and your business to a next level of alignment and success! 3 month program $4,555

Publicity Program

Self Development – Publicity– Presentation- Personal Branding In the world today presence is everything. This is a really fun program for those looking to develop a social presence, learn how to get booked for desired jobs, show up at events and start to grow your personal brand!! 3 month program $3,999

Intuitive Crisis Consulting


Understanding how to navigate emotions that come about through crisis and trauma can be overwhelming to navigate. This is created to spend time working together on understanding emotions for yourself, your children, as a family that are needing a holistic approach to unpacking emotions. My understanding of healing came out of my own self and family trying to find emotional healing post crisis and trauma that I wasnt getting with traditional therapy. This is an energetic approach to emotional needs. This is situation by situation based consulting. Initial payment will go towards the session plan set up in our first call.

Client Testimonial “Ive had more business in this first month of working with you then I have in a long time, and I attribute it all to becoming a part of your program and working with you. Together we created new ideas to reach not only potential clients, but re-connect with my clients and its paying off”

Client Testimonial “Ive always considered myself an intuitive person and can usually figure out where to go in my life and whats meant for me. Lately, I have been blocked. Whitney was able to give me guidance and specific instructions to help me get started. I feel empowered knowing that I am not alone in my journey and that I have people like Whitney to look to when I feel stuck or need clarity”

Client Testimonial “Working with Whitney has changed my life for the better. I am so greatful for her and her knowledge” 

Certified National Healer & Philosopher

Certified National Healer & Philosopher

Internationally certified since 2013, I have been recognized as a healer in many different energetic modalities. With an ever-expanding portfolio of modalities and experiences my uniqueness comes in the love for understanding the science and philosophy that comes along with being and healing in the energetic realms. This has me wanting to combine the holistic study with traditional education, and I am currently finishing a Bachelors of Philosophy. With a very education-based approach I combine my education in Philosophy with my energetic understandings and healing abilities to create and assist in many different lifestyles, needs, and doing my part to teach and elevate.

Coach and Consultant

Through my unique life experiences, education, and creative growth mindset; I am able to assist others in healing, self-development and awareness, creative professional growth, and small business. My offerings are focused on growth and healing but please note that we do not replace any medical needs and therapist you might be using.  Bridging the gap between the immergence of attention towards the energetic abilities/modalities and tradition education/counseling is where we find our balance. I pride myself on not only having holistic training but also traditional higher-level education and study.

Poise, Depth, Character, Creative Growth, Goal Driven Success and RESULTS!

Whitney has a wide range of experience from multiple areas of leadership spiritually, competitively and in professional development. Her creative approach at business has taken multiple careers from start up to successful and profitable. A seeker of finer things, an adherence to high morality and character, as well as a philosophy on the importance of education and knowledge.. shifting into consulting matched her experience and abilities. Now more than ever women are stepping into being able to pursue their passions as careers and knowing where to start, how to strategize, how to present yourself, etc. These are all concepts that most women in business and lifestyle face, With so many different experiences that have shaped Whitney’s ability to problem solve and creatively grow makes for a well-rounded and diverse ability to help women at any stage and within any passion.