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Curated and customized programs based on my years in business, accounting, philosophy, self development, leadership and creative growth. No matter if you are looking for personal/lifestyle growth in goals, mindset, intuition, health, or competitive passions; or if you are looking for professional growth in your current career, start up or wanting to revamp your personal business there are options for all levels and desires!

Have you wanted to turn your passion into profit, we can do that. Learn how to elevate your lifestyle and trust your intuition? We will cultivate that!  And so much more. Gain the confidence and knowledge to follow your dreams and build a life you desire.  
It can be hard to find a coach, or understand the value of a coaching program when there are so many coaches and options available. I work hard to support, stratigize, research, understand where your at, what your goals are and we work together build the building blocks of your personal sucess. 

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Educating, Speaking, & Writing

As a published author in media and print, creative writing is my passion. I include my upcoming books, current projects, and events in the monthly newsletter. I am available for writing projects in magazines and articles, guest editorials, newsletters, etc. I am also available for speaking engagements; I have spoken on stage as well as over zoom for schools, events, panels, and summits.

Small group teaching where I can focusf on the individuals and their learning in specific areas is where I feel most able to create shifts and connect. I love this kind of training and connections over large format conventions. I went through Harvard’s Higher Education Teaching Training where we learned the study behind being a successful teacher/ instructor and how to form short form education content, courses, and entire educational classes. I love the synergy of teaching in smaller, more directed groups but also have experience speaking to large rooms at confrences and events!  

Some of my topic areas include: 

-leadership & relationships
-business growth & strategy
-mindset & self development

-moving beyond circumstance
-intuitive development & healing
-turning your passion to profit


Awards & Accolades 

Small Business Growth & Strategy Consultant
Womens Lifestyle & Self Development Coach
Current student in Bachelor of Science in Philosophy
Nationally Recognized Intuitive & Energy Guide
Harvard Higher Education Teaching Certificate
WPRA Professional Athlete
Published Writer 

 Throughout the years I have immersed myself in many varied and unique areas,
 multiple professional leadership & influence positions, & awards: 

The Scout Guide Park City Volume 5 
2024 L.A. Tribune Influencer to watch 
$20,000 Top Talent Publicity Award Winner
NGA Fitness Coach & Competitor 
Award winning home designer
Promotional Model
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Intuitive & Philosophical Influence 

As a certified energy healer and intuitve of over 17 years I am able to incorporate into my offerings intuitive modalities such as spirituality, meditation, reiki, theta, equine assisted therapy, sound healing therapy, crystals, tarot, educator, trainer, etc.

This is not meant to replace any medical or traditional therapy, more so to enhance and cultivate different mindset, habits, and rituals. Energy healing is a beautiful and life changing addition to your development practices.

My study is largely influenced by philosophy, science, biblical history, and modern understanding. Bridging the understanding between what we know historically, scientifically, and energetically and how to bring that understanding into practical application for our modern times. 

Philosophy is based in the science, understanding of humanity, questioning our wisdom, exploring our understanding of purpose, and how that influences everything that makes up our human experience and knowledge; from our eco systems to our society systems, the science of energy and even the solar system. All brought together in study to evolve and deepen our understanding and apply it to better how we relate to ourselves and others. 

I believe studying philosophy and coupling it with my traditional business foundations; as well as my rather unique life experiences, has given me a wide lense to which I help clients along their journey. I offer a combination of logic and traditional mindset; with a higher understanding of human study and intuition to offer results that are created and designed just for you  


Here’s what my clients and business collaborators say:

“Whitney was instumental in helping us grow our masonry distribution business. She led the effots to manage and grow our design division as well as opening our secondary location. You can still see her influence in our showrooms and culture today. Thank you Whit”

“Whitney is a hardworking, sophisticated soul that can never be put in a box. She might be the perfect balance of feminine and masculine. Whether in her passion of barrel racing at break neck speed, crushing it in business, or writing poetic words of inpiration, Whitney will continue to impact the world and anyone who is lucky enough to work with her” 

“Since the time I started working with Whitney several years ago, these are the things I noticed and felt: 

Whitney has the unique ability to build connections with others, bringing wit and humor into any situation. She makes everyone feel comfortable and is an active listener. Whitney is passionat about the world around her and continues to be curious and driven to make life better. With her approach and positive attitude she is an inspiration to those around her” 

Why Queen’s Gambit Consulting

The Secret of Success

With a philosophical approach to creative personal and professional development.  Whitney and Queens Gambit Consulting Co. bring a unique twist to the empowerment and coaching industry.


Its not about me telling you what is going to make you feel better, encourage you enough, or give you the key to success. Its about encouraging, educating, and intuitively to ask the questions to find your true and deepest self. This is where you will align with your goals, purpose and creatively build the life of your dreams”

Intuitive Approach

The realization of the true eye, as opposed to the “This is what you are” eye; transforms life from an existance into an adventure – David Icke

Bringing in years of cultivating intuition and energy modalities, we not only combine traditional business and development techniques but philosophical understanding of human wisdom  for a unique and lasting transformation.


With a vaired and successful resume its my honor to help you ask the questions that empower and teach you how to cultivate habits that support a life and mindset beyond your wildest dreams

Creative Growth

“Reality is created by the mind, we can change our reality by changing our mind” Plato


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