Queens Gambit
Consulting Company 

Here at Queen’s Gambit Consulting Co we want to continue to grow into the premier women’s lifestyle network and brand. Im thrilled to share what I have learned, what I love, and connect others through consulting, our lifestyle blog, and the ranch. 


We offer a lifestyle coaching group for women looking to connect and scale in self healing and lifestyle. Our private community is cultivated to encourage and nurture your best self with monthly challenges, book club, and lessons. 

If you are looking for more of a 1/1 approach to mind set, goal setting, healing, etc this is the option for you.

The Ranch 

At the ranch we have a unique offering of healing with, and experiencing the lessons available through horses. Our healing experiences are directed to working with those navigating PTSD and trauma recovery.

We also offer a holistic approach to competitors looking to connect with their equine athletes on a next level. 1/1 coaching for those in a competitive equine space!

Our Ranch 

At 6 Diamond Ranch, or 6D Ranch as we like to call it.
We offer private and exclusive Equine Assisted Healing Programs for facilities or individuals. We provide a safe space for healing and growth with our 1/2 day curated experiences geared toward those navigating truama, ptsd, violence, and addiction. 
We also offer curated horse sales, our horses are born here at the ranch and grow through our program at which point it is our honor to offer them to become a part of their next home. 
Because of our unique energetic connection to working with horses we also offer a consulting service for 1/1 coaching for competitive riders to scale and grow in their discipline with thier horses. 


Mindset, Lifestyle & Travel Blog

Grab your glass of wine and dive into our blog of many colors. 


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