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A letter from Whitney 

As a young girl growing up, I took every challenge and leadership role I could; such as horse judging team captain, FFA president, and pageantry as a rodeo queen. My drive was to become a leader. In business, my education, leadership, and my life goals there was never a thought of what I couldn’t accomplish. I graduated early with my accounting certificate, was going to college for business, manager of 2 stores in the local mall and I found myself “in love” at the young age of 19. Only to find by 21, my next label would be survivor. Surviving being held hostage for 3 days in a domestic violence situation; I found myself a shell of a human in the aftermath. There was no light in the darkness because of the trauma of those few days and all seemed shattered and broken.
As myself and my family tried to find some way to start unpacking what healing looked after an experience like mine; my mother and I started I training ourselves in many different modalities of holistic health. Turning what could have been destructive thoughts and actions into forward progression and learning.
Over the next 12 years learning how to navigate and repair this version of me, find the worth in myself, hope to experience any joy and peace, self-development became survival.
During this time of learning I began a career in accounting taking me back to the simplicity of numbers, back to what I knew I could understand. I have never been anything other than a scaler, so my accounting career became a sales career which over a 8 year span became helping the company open a new location, pilot and develop a new division, and even became an award winning designer. I also learned physical fitness and health; this created an outlet for emotion, built my discipline, encouraged me that I could do hard things and overcome my mind, and started me back on stage again! Once again, I pushed my boundaries and ultimately worked my way to a decorated fitness competitor, I loved having an outlet for my emotions and loved putting in the work to show on stage. During this time, I also became a mom; which happened early on in my healing, without a doubt she was my saving angel. How? Because I had no choice but to be 100% to this new life and that took me outside of “self” and into service. Which taught me love, selfishness, being in service and sacrifice in a way I couldn’t have learned at a more needed time.
In 2014 I was blessed with marrying the love of my life. With a newly blended family, a loving relationship being built on a foundation for a lifetime, and an established family business we had many opportunities for growth and development in areas such as relationships, business and communication. My family is my greatest source of drive and inspiration; coming from a single mother household and my background with relationships, having a healthy and happy family was something I never experienced. I am proud to say my best work and best self is mirrored in my personal life.
I can’t go on without bring forward a little bit of my passion. Within the last 7 years challenged myself in a new avenue of equestrianism, getting back to my cowgirl roots, and became a Women’s Professional Rodeo Barrel Racer! I love not only the development of my equine professional career but learning how to be a top-level competitor. We have a beautiful little ranch that is a known place of love, peace, and hope where we have a range of horses from newborn to competitive finished horses, each offering their own lessons in relationship, healing, and connection.
My business, Queen’s Gambit Consulting Co. was created out of a growing clientele focused on coaching, leadership, and small business development.
From startups , business growth and strategy, scaling, learning basics to strengthen relationships, learning to manage your time and household, to taking your passion to profit, to self-development, mindset, and cultivating your most true and joyful self. I have such a varied and wide range of experience, and continue to push my knowledge and education; I am able to offer more of an educator’s approach to coaching and consulting. Currently I am continuing my credibility as I work towards a degree in Philosophy. Which I feel allows me to combine traditional education and accolades, with life experiences for a unique a progressive perspective.
These past 20 years I was able to learn much of what I have come to be able to teach others now!
For myself it’s about paying it forward and lifting others up through our times of trials. I have always known that through all the trials and times of hardship that if I could stay creative, in self and/or business, I could continually find the joy and success we all seek in our lives.
Currently as a consultant, mentor, competitor, and philosophy student. I find myself teaching on stages, love panels, podcast, interviews, and I really enjoy going into small groups and classrooms for a more curated conversation. I enjoy interviews, traveling for events and networking, hosting and organizing events, and continuing to expand in my personal brand. As well as being a part of client’s growth experience in both their personal growth and professional development, because as we know they are intertwined. Thank you for considering what years of hard work have developed; there is no limit to what we can learn and experience in this life together, with God, and with a little bit of fire in our soul.


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“Whitney is a woman on a mission. Its not if she gets her story out, its whom she lets be a part of her momentum. She hasnt just done the work to heal her own hurt, she has built a successful space for others to come be heard and seen, as they do their work. There is no doubt Whitney is a voice of authority in this space. She has the credentials and repeated sucesses to back that up.”

Jocelynn Harward

Financially Fearless Women 

“Whitney’s story, combined with her grace, grit, tenacity, and drive touched me more deeply than any Ive heard in a long time. She is a beacon of hope and healing for anyone who is blessed to be in her sphere of influence”

Kathryn Tauge 

Influence Digital Media 

“I’ve worked close with Whitney over the last few years on a number of projects. She has been nothing short of professional every single time. She is an extrememly good communicator and always makes projects and processes run smooth. On top of that she is fun to be around and treats everyone like you are her family. You will leave with more confidence and a friendship that will last a lifetime.”

Skylyn Christensen

Diamond Back Films