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How do we even begin to look at the different parts of our experiences with an open mind? How do we offer ourselves forgiveness, understanding, growth, open mindedness, peace, transformation, and enlightenment? How do we make the stand that this is our day to take back our life and go for our dreams. 

I present something different than youll find in most empowerment and coaching offerings… We dive deep into asking the questions that transform our lives, not just on a feel good level but on a physical, phylisophical and spiritual level for true understanding, growth, healing, and transformation.  
It starts with goal and a commitment

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Lifestyle Program – Group Coaching

 Ready to step into learning how to creatively cultivate and grow into your best life yet! My entry level lifestyle program is the place to be! Curated and designed with practical and applicable coaching in a group setting with a weekly call as well as individualized goal stratigies and workout/health guides !

$900 / 3 months 
$1799 / 6 months 
$2,550 / 12 months


Healthy YOU Program

Welcome to your lifestyle upgrade! Ready to step into learning how to creatively cultivate and grow into your best life yet! With a Healthy YOU approach we focus on fitness and diet in practical and “do-able” ways. With a touch of lifestyle and mindset work this is your health focused program! 

$2,111 /6 week

3,666 / 3 month


Elite Mindset Program 

This program is slightly more intensive with a focus on cultivating a competitive mindset, personal creative growth and lifestyle learning while also developing a strong drive and ability to apply yourself in your desired direction
3 month program 


Business Babe Program

Want to learn how to grow your passion into profit? Already have a business but feeling stuck or looking to grow? This program is customized to your needs and growing the mindset and business roadmaps to gain traction and confidence in business! 1/1 coaching calls, worksheets, trackers, and next level success!
3 month program 


Intuitive Lifestyle Program

Ready to step into learning how to creatively cultivate and grow into your best life yet! Not only learn how to start stepping into your best mindset and lifestyle but do it with a holistic and intuitive focus. This is a great 1/1 coaching option for those wanting to commit to taking thier life in thier hands and start connecting to the divine
2 month program


The Queens Gambit

This is not your entry level program. The Gambit is for those who are ready to jump with both feet in towards building the lifestyle, mindset, growth and mastery to transform thier life on all levels. Completely Customized for you and get ready because we are going to show you how to get eveything youve wanted and more. 
3 month program 


Equine Next Level 

This unique program combines our creative competitive growth mindset coaching with your equine partner. We evaluate and implement growth tactics for you AND your equine partner to take your riding and competition to the next level! 
3 month program 


Certified National Healer & Philosopher

Internationally certified since 2013 I have been recognized as a healer in many different energetic modalities. With an ever expanding porfolio of modalities and experiences my uniqueness comes in the love for understanding the science and philosophy that comes along with being and healing in the energetic realms. This has me wanting to combine the holisic study with traditional education, and I am currently finishing a Bachelors of Philosophy. With a very education based approach I combine my education in Philosophy with my energetic understandings and healing ablilities to create and assist in many different lifestyles, needs, and doing my part to teach and elevate. 

Coach and Consultant 

Through my unique life experiences, education, and creative growth mindset; I am able to assist others in healing, mindset, growth, creative professional growth, and business. I am able to do this through speaking at events, writing, 1/1 clients and our lifestyle community geared towards empowering and teaching! Although our offerings are focused on growth and healing please note that we do not replace any medical needs and therapist you might be using. We are a holistic approach in addition to!! Bridging the gap between the immergence of attention towards the energetic ablities and modatlites and tradition education and medicine is where we find our balance and I pride myself on not only having holistic training as well as tradtional higher level education and study. 

Client Testimonial
“Ive had more business in this first month of working with you then I know what to do with, and I attribute it all to working with you.”

Client Testimonial
“Ive always considered myself an intuitive person and can usually figure out where to go in my life and whats meant for me. Lately, I have been blocked. Whitney journeyed for me, which is one of her 1/1 offerings, and I found that I have alot of ancestors anxiously waiting for me to come into myself as an energy worker and healer. She was able to give me guidance and specific instructions to help me get started. I feel empowered knowing that I am not alone in my journey and that I have people like Whitney to look to when I feel stuck or need clarity”

Client Testimonial
“Working with Whitney has changed my life for the better. I am so greatful for her and her knowledge” 

Poise, Depth, Goal Driven Success, Character, Creative Growth and RESULTS 

A Queen’s Mentality of Life

“Teaching others to harness their creativity for personal and professional growth”

They say success breeds success. They also say that you don’t have to do everything alone. That is where Queens Gambit comes in to help.

Whitney has a wide range of experience from multiple areas of leadership and growth both competitively and in intuitive healing, has taken multiple careers from start up to sucessful and profitable, currently CEO/owner of two succesful businesses, currently finishing a philosophy degree, published author and creative growth speaker.
This makes for a well rounded and diverse ablility to help women at any stage and with any passion, I am excited to welcome you!!